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av Eline Hystad, tirsdag 01. august, kl. 18.10

Radio Nova’s English-language programs are open to new members. Come and join us!

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av Edvard Brudeli Moen, onsdag 25. januar, kl. 21.00

Radio Nova’s English-language programs are open to new members. Come and join us!

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Introducing Jane's Party

av Sabrina Martin, tirsdag 29. november 2016, kl. 20.51

From one cold country to another...

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There's No B.S. in Bernie Sanders!

av Kristina Doyle, mandag 07. mars 2016, kl. 10.00

OPINION: The candidate will bring much-needed leftist ideas to american politics, even if he doesn't win the nomination.

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av Akif Rashid, onsdag 24. februar 2016, kl. 16.00

"No," says they. "It is not meant to be." "Pitiable pity," replies the dreamer.

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Be a Part of Radio Nova!

av Turner Jacobs, mandag 11. januar 2016, kl. 20.00

Radio Nova's English-language programs are open to new members. Come and join us!

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VIVID - A Post-Rock Festival

av Turner Jacobs, mandag 09. november 2015, kl. 12.00

Thanks to an enterprising German, there's now more to Kristiansand than the zoo and Kaptein Sabeltann

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Catalonia and Spain: an arm wrestling.

av Claire Coriat, tirsdag 06. oktober 2015, kl. 12.19

A fight in the house! Introducing Catalonia as the teenage kid and Spain as the control freak parent. Summary of the last episode: the 27S elections!

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Phoria visits Oslo

søndag 20. november 2016, kl. 11.58 · av Sabrina Martin for Snakker ikke norsk

What happened in John Dee on the second of november 2016…

Trewin, James, Tim, Seryn, Ed, these are just the names of the very lovely and most welcoming people, unleashing upon us their too easily labelled alternative sound with their band: PHORIA and their latest album, Volition.

However do not be fooled with the term for you will soon bath in a mixture of industrial, cinematographic, orchestrated and yet organic sound.
Contradictory? Not at all.
When you see them perform live, you quickly notice the well articulated complex rhythm, and yet a natural flow persists throughout.

Evryone seems to have a specific role withing the group and if you get a chance to venture on their website, have a read of Tim’s very entertaining blog, in which he shares his experiences whilst touring.

So when did it start you wonder?
Seven years ago three friends gave birth to it all with a great drive and relentless door knocking, and even with the recent switch of one of its core member the group stands unshaken.

Their passion for music is larger than life: it transcends as you watch them play, it transcends as they speak, as tamed as they might appear.
Yes ladies and Jelly beans, no wild boys over here.
But this is what got them there.
They are trained musicians and although Trewin has been diagnosed with synesthesia, it still plays in their favor as it seems to affect his creativity in a positive way.
(For those who wander: Synesthesia is a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.)
I does sound exhausting but still Trewin stands on stage just fine.
And this is what happens when you just want to make music.

When I ask about how they would picture their future, they remain down to earth.
The immediate dream is to be comfortable and be able to make music without having to sell an arm or a leg. To have a studio , to write scores for films or orchestras.
Their wish is to remain true to their sound, to do the music they want to do and not the music they have to do just to please the bigger people.
Phoria is not just music, in the foot steps of Radiohead or Sigur Rós, Phoria is a journey, something you listen with your ears, your heart and your eyes.

All of Norway should approve, after all they passed the brunøst test, yes I made them tried and they liked it… ( even though they described it’s smell as similar as play-doh)
And if u wander what they are listening to right now: Bon Iver , Nosaj Thing are currently on their playlist ;)

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