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Spend your Sunday and Wednesday aftenoons with your favorite foreigners in Oslo. Snakker Ikke Norsk brings you weird news, cultural tidbits, controversial opinions and great music, all in English.

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av Turner Jacobs, mandag 11. januar 2016, kl. 20.00

Radio Nova's English-language programs are open to new members. Come and join us!

VIVID - A Post-Rock Festival

av Turner Jacobs, mandag 09. november 2015, kl. 12.00

Thanks to an enterprising German, there's now more to Kristiansand than the zoo and Kaptein Sabeltann

Catalonia and Spain: an arm wrestling.

av Claire Coriat, tirsdag 06. oktober 2015, kl. 12.19

A fight in the house! Introducing Catalonia as the teenage kid and Spain as the control freak parent. Summary of the last episode: the 27S elections!

The Thief of Time

av Cedric Ellwanger, tirsdag 22. september 2015, kl. 12.30

The thief of time named procrastination, cute kitties and the ambivalent drive to perfection.

Join Radio Nova!

onsdag 25. januar, kl. 21.00 · av Edvard Brudeli Moen for Snakker ikke norsk

Radio Nova’s English-language programs are open to new members. Come and join us!

Introducing Jane's Party

tirsdag 29. november 2016, kl. 20.51 · av Sabrina Martin for Snakker ikke norsk

From one cold country to another…

Phoria visits Oslo

søndag 20. november 2016, kl. 11.58 · av Sabrina Martin for Snakker ikke norsk

What happened in John Dee on the second of november 2016…

There's No B.S. in Bernie Sanders!

mandag 07. mars 2016, kl. 10.00 · av Kristina Doyle for Snakker ikke norsk

OPINION: The candidate will bring much-needed leftist ideas to american politics, even if he doesn’t win the nomination.


onsdag 24. februar 2016, kl. 16.00 · av Akif Rashid for Snakker ikke norsk

“No,” says they. “It is not meant to be.”
“Pitiable pity,” replies the dreamer.

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